GETELEC has used its experience to develop shielding products suited to severe environmental
conditions. By mastering the formulation and transformation processes, GETELEC is ready to bring you a
custom solution tailored to your microwave shielding problem. Our teams of engineers and chemists are
at your disposal to assist you in achieving all your projects.

GETELEC has been developing its own MIL G 83528-compliant conductive formulations for more than
40 years. Our expertise in sealing materials has brought us to work in close collaboration with the major
military sector procurement agencies to meet their contractual demands.

Moulded conductive silicone gaskets


Conductive moulded gaskets ensure sealing andelectromagnetic shielding.

GETELEC is able tooffer both standard and custom shapes.

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Conductive door gasket

visuel2Carbon loaded conductive gasket for shielding telecoms base stations and cabinets. Supplied with adhesive strip for easy application to your doors.
Wide range of extruded profiles with a suitable conductive silicone.

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Bronze beryllium spring fingers

visuel3Bronze beryllium spring fingers for the electromagnetic shielding of racks.
Several standard shapes available as are custom formats. This range also includes metal braids with or without silicone cores.


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Connector overmoulding

visuel4Using high pressure overmoulding technology, GETELEC is able to carry out conductive and non-conductive thermoplastic overmoulding guaranteeing your connectors are sealed and avoiding time-consuming and costly heat shrinking procedures.


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Pre-cut conductive silicone gaskets

visuel5Pre-cut conductive gaskets ensure sealing and electromagnetic shielding.

Gaskets are cut from sheets made in a range of conductive materials and thicknesses from 0.3mm to 10mm.

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Corrosion-resistant silicone gaskets

visuel6Bi-material seal made of a conductive silicone and an insulating silicone bonded together by co-extrusion into one seal. By separating the shielding and sealing functions the seal is much more resistant to salt fog type extreme environments.

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Tinned steel shielding covers

visuel7These covers enable the rapid shielding of part of a circuit, either radiating or susceptible to EMI/RFI interference on a printed circuit board.

Several standard shapes available as are custom formats.

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Heat sinks

visuel8To reduce the thermal resistance which could damage a component, it is useful to dissipate the heat emitted by its power. These products are available as custom-cut seals in different thicknesses.

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